Most of them are friends' through chatting. Most of them are Japanese only. They are arranged alphabetically.

hossy onlineBy Mr. Hossy

Everyone calls him the god of EEIC Engineering Department of University of Tokyo. He especially takes a great interest in programmings. Because of his serious character, he is eager to analizing games. I refered his CSS for making my page.

Kangyo-anby Mr. SHIMAZU Ryo-unsai

He is my friend these twenty years. It is about history. He studies about novelity people so I think it is valuable page.

A little civilian's silly talkBy Mr. T.Hori

He is a mania for movies, audio visual equipments, and, above all, for a person named SHIINA Hekiru.

Mu FactoryBy Mr. MIURA Hideyuki

He is a Macintosh programmer. There are some softwares he made.

NAGASAKI Yusaku's PageBy Mr. NAGASAKI Yusaku

He writes diary everyday. He discusses sharply about many topics.

PageTTTBy Mr. T.T

He is a pattern of mania. If you visit here, be care not to laugh too loudly. But his another face is a serious student of Univ. of Tokyo

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