Journey in Argentina

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I tripped to Argentina with Mr.B who is a friend at the railfan club in the Univ. from 7 Mar,2002 to 20 Mar. He leaded me and I only followed him. Diffirent from him -- can speak both English and Spanish fruently -- , my ability about English is equal to junior high school students and I only know the first page of the Spanish textbook so I was afraid of this trip, but after all, I could return home.
Now, I'll show you Argentina centering railways and buses.

Railways and buses around Buenos Aires

Subway of Buenos Aires(1)

Outline / Line B

May 8,2002
Subway of Buenos Aires(2)

Line C / A / D

May 8,2002
Railways of Metrovνas on the ground

Premetro / Urquiza Railway / Tram

May 8,2002
Other suburban railways

Retiro station / TBA Sarmiento line

May 8,2002
Buses around Buenos Aires

Colectivos / Long-term buses

Taking long-term buses

Expreso Tigre Iguazu / Expreso Singer


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